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Kramer Family Eyecare Special Offers

You really do need a spare, back-up pair of glasses. If you break or lose your only pair of glasses chances are you won't be able to see well enough to do much. Often eyeglass wearers don't want to spend the money on a pair of glasses they expect never to use - and that's a fair point. What if you get a completely different style, a pair that you would actually wear? We call this SECONDlook and many of our patients agree that its the way to go!

Save 50% on
2nd Pair of Glasses

We have teamed up with our optical lab to provide 30% to 50% off the cost of the second pair of glasses. To take advantage of getting up to half off, your second pair must have the same prescription and be ordered the same day as your initial pair. If you have insurance you will receive 30% off, and if you have no insurance, 50% off.

Your second pair could be sunglasses, sports glasses, computer glasses, spare pairs, any type you want so long as the prescription is the same. What about another pair for that SECONDlook? Now is a great time to buy glasses so you should definitely stop by and see us now!

Essilor Generation 8 Transitions Lenses

Buy One Pair of Essilor Generation 8 Transitions Lenses, Get A 2nd Pair Of Clear Lenses For Free

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