Know Your Vision Benefits

Know Your Vision Benefits

Use your vision benefits before the end of the year!

You paid for those benefits so don’t let them disappear!

Your vision is not something to compromise!

Many patients are unaware of what their vision insurance plan covers. Don’t waste them, make sure you schedule your exam with us before the end of the year. Most plans cover the exam with a small co-payment, as well as contributing toward frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Dr. Kramer recommends that patients have an annual eye exam. It’s not just about “seeing fine”, it’s about the health of the eyes. Dr. Kramer is able to detect any issues before the patient every notices a problem. And it’s also about how well your eyes are working together.

We are happy to assist you if you aren’t sure what your insurance entitles you to. Plans vary and it isn’t always easy to figure out what your plan is all about. Call us at (573) 345-2340 or just stop in!

know your vision benefits

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