Everything You Need to Know About Generation 8 Transitions Lenses

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I’ve no doubt that you have heard of Transitions Lenses; Photochromic lenses which darken when they are exposed to sunlight. Invented in the 1960’s it wasn’t until the Transitions company applied new manufacturing processes and improved technology in the early 1990’s that they became affordable and readily available.

Surveys show that 9 out of 10 people are sensitive to light and patients often ask me how they can effectively manage this sensitivity. I recommend Transitions lenses and now have even more reasons to do so with Generation 8. Major improvements over past versions include up to 30% faster darkening and 3 times faster lightning which in the past was an issue for people going from bright sunlight inside into a darker environment. Generation 8 is also completely clear when indoors making it a lot easier to read in low-light conditions. Blue Light - also known as High Energy Light – is a growing problem linked to macular degeneration and sleep deprivation. The new Transitions block 87% of outdoor and 20% of indoor Blue Light. Generation 8 lenses also get substantially darker providing better comfort and protection from bright light. Despite these improvements, they are not a replacement for quality sunglasses which are essential if you spend anytime outside.

Our favorite lens manufacturer – Essilor – is currently offering a second free pair of lenses when you purchase your first pair of glasses with Transitions Lenses. All you need to do to get your free lenses is to buy the frame for them. Right now, we have several frames at 5o -75% off making them a perfect option for your second pair.

By far the best photochromic lenses on the market, I use and recommend Transitions Generation 8 as well as sunglasses to fully protect your eyes. Call or stop by my office and allow us to demonstrate how this improved technology will help you.

Dr. Andrew Kramer

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