Computer Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain: Make Sure You Continue To Have Healthy Eyes

We are in the digital world. Most everyone is spending prolonged periods of time on their computer, tablet, and smartphones.
This includes kids in school, adults in the work environment and everyone at home for enjoyment.

Prolonged periods on the computer can cause headaches, dry eyes, and Computer Vision Syndrome, to name a few. These discomforts can be reduced by knowing your body, changing computer habits, and adjusting your workstation. Essentially creating a good Computer “Fit” for you.
Computer Vision Syndrome is a real problem that causes neck, back, shoulder and arm pain as well as carpal tunnel problems. Prolonged, continual use can eventually lead to changes in the curvature of the neck.

The goal is to find the computer "fit" for each individual.

1. Sit so your eyes are looking downward but your head and neck are upright, not bent down or tilted upward. (This will take practice.)

2. Position the computer display so the top of the screen is slightly below eye level.

3. Face your computer screen directly. This is difficult to do with tablets and phones.

4. Keep your elbows close to your body.

5. Find a chair that supports your lower back and has a cushioned seat with a contoured front edge and your feet rest on the floor.

6. Your mouse should be close to the keyboard, don't position it so you must reach for it.

7. Move the monitor close enough to read the text on the screen without moving your head forward.

8. Use a hands-free headset when talking on the telephone while at the computer.

Computer Lenses

Make sure that you take frequent breaks from the computer, tablet or phone (15 minutes is optimal). Be sure to blink and use eyedrops during computer screen time.

Close to 70% of Americans experience some form of digital eye strain due to electronic devices. The length of time spent on these devices increases the exposure to harmful blue light. This type of light can cause headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, and insomnia. There are special Anti-glare products that block this harmful blue light.

Several years ago Computer lenses came on the market. We believe this is the best solution to avoid Computer Vision Syndrome, headaches and eye strain.

Computer Lenses are like a progressive lens but the emphasis is focused on very wide intermediate and near zones with a small distance area at the very top. This design widens the field of vision to 180 degrees making it an excellent choice for computer use.

Regular prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses are not suitable for viewing distances on a computer. Most people will tilt their heads at odd angles because the lenses are not designed for looking at the computer.

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