Eye exams can be the first clue for detecting diabetes. Finding issues early gives patients a better chance of preventing damage.
The effects of diabetes on the eye can cause vision damage and even blindness because of diabetic retinopathy.
This is caused by excess sugar in the blood that swells the vessels in the eye, which can cause them to bleed. They can also grow into the retina itself which can cause vision loss.
90% of all pre-diabetic/diabetic-related vision loss and blindness can be avoided by getting regular eye exams.

Symptoms of diabetic-related diseases and diabetic retinopathy include:



  • Blurry or distorted vision


  • Double vision


  • Cornea abnormalities such as slow healing of wounds that are due to corneal abrasions

Make sure you are pro-active with your health and see your medical doctor yearly for a physical. Monitor your blood sugars and maintain a healthy diet.
Schedule yearly eye exams with us. This is the best way to protect your eyes from disease and vision loss. During your exam, Dr. Kramer will look for signs of disease.
We are here to help you see the very best you can! Call Kramer Family Eyecare in Columbia, MO, and schedule your appointment today!

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