As so many of our businesses are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak life has changed drastically. We continue to work in the office with the doors closed. I believe it is important to be available to my patients and want to accommodate all of you the best I can. If you need anything, we are answering our phones Monday-Friday 9-2.

As many of you are working from home, you are most likely on your computers. I suspect you are finding that your “workstation” is not set up like the one in your office. Then there are those of you who are using your electronic devices much more than you normally do. I am sure you are finding that your screen time has increased!

In both of these instances, your neck is most likely starting to bother you. I want to remind you of some tips to help alleviate neck pain as well as eye strain. Prolonged work on the computer as well as digital devices is stressful to your body and eyes.

The term for this is computer vision syndrome and it is very real. A common comment I get from my patients is how much their necks bother them.

I actually have several suggestions to help this problem:

  1. Sit so your head and neck are upright, facing forward, not bent down or tilted back. Face your computer screen directly. Create a workstation so your computer is at eye level.

  2. Keep your elbows close to your body.

  3. Adjust where your monitor sits so it isn’t close to a window to avoid reflection, which will cause eye strain.

  4. Take frequent breaks (which I know is hard to do). This will allow your eyes to relax their focus. During these breaks, stretch your neck, arms and back. Stand up and move away from the computer.

  5. BLINK!!! When we focus on something, we tend not to blink and this will dry your eyes out. Use artificial tears often to moisten and lubricate your eyes.

  6. Computer lenses. These lenses are different than the normal progressive lens. They provide a wider intermediate zone that will keep you from tipping your head upward while viewing your computer screen.

I recommend when using the digital devices that you sit in a chair with a back and make sure your head is against that back. Raise your device as high as possible and move your eyes to focus on the screen. We all tend to bend our necks while using them. Keep your head straight and use your eyes to look down.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at 573-449-4188. Our goal at Kramer Family Eyecare is to assist you in any way that we can during these trying times. Your vision is important to us and we care about your eyes. 

We are working on a way to connect with you for emergencies and “not so much an emergency” through Telemedicine. Details will be coming soon.

Take care of yourselves,
Dr. Kramer

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