The most common reason for eyes that feel dry and itchy all the time is dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes occur when a person doesn’t have enough quality tears to lubricate the eyes.

Signs of Dry Eyes

Signs of dry eyes include: scratchiness, grittiness, a burning sensation, persistent dryness, and the feeling like something is in the eye.


There are many causes of Dry Eye Syndrome, including:

  • Computers and digital devices. Sitting in front of any device will cause insufficient blinking.

  • Contact Lens wear

  • Environmental factors: Low humidity, windy, dusty climates

  • Medications

  • Certain systemic diseases such as Rosacea, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Hormone fluctuations: Women tend to suffer more than men



When patients present with these symptoms the first thing I recommend is using artificial tears several times a day as needed, in conjunction with a moist eye mask such as a Bruder Mask. This mask contains medibeads that continually absorb water from the air and stores it in the beads and is a natural way to lubricate the eyes.


If this doesn’t resolve the problem, there are other treatment options including:

  • Prescription eye drops that help increase tear production

  • Steroid drops for short term relief


Other ways to help alleviate symptoms:

  • Wear sunglasses when outside. The larger the wrap the better which will reduce the effects of the sun, wind, and dust.

  • Indoor air cleaners/purifiers

  • Humidifiers

Dry eye syndrome is an ongoing chronic condition that can successfully be managed but is normally unable to be cured.


If you suffer from dry eyes, we can put together a plan to help manage your symptoms. Call us at 573-449-4188.

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